SportTracks 3.1

Developer Zone Five Software LLC

SportTracks is a GPS-integrated workout logging software for Windows PCs.

Perfect Diet Tracker

Perfect Diet Tracker 3.8

Developer Byoni Ltd

Perfect Diet Tracker is a program designed to help you track your diet.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness

VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3.8

Developer VidaOne

It is the premier Windows application to track all aspects of your diet, fitness.

Kathleen's Diet Planner

Kathleen's Diet Planner 14.6

Developer The Better Byte Software Company

Kathleen's Diet Planner is diet software and nutrition software for Windows.


Diet Chart for an Athlete


StockChartX 5.9

Developer Modulus Financial Engineering

Stock Chart Component with .NET, VB, VC++ example projects.

Desktop Diet

Desktop Diet 1.0

Developer Electric Dreams Inc

Desktop Diet is a comprehensive diet and fitness analysis solution for your PC.

Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 3.0

Developer iambic, Inc.

Record what you eat, track your exercise regimen, and reach your weight goals.

Athlete Tracker

Athlete Tracker 1.0


Powerful athlete tracking software. The perfect way to achieve real progress.

Dundas Chart for Windows Forms - OLAP Services Eval (VS2008)

Dundas Chart for Windows Forms - OLAP Services Eval (VS2008) 7.0

Developer Dundas Data Visualization Inc.

Tukanas Project Manager

Tukanas Project Manager 1.0

Developer Tucana International




Is a powerful application that organizes and manages the Olympics/athlete data.

Firstbeat ATHLETE

Firstbeat ATHLETE 2.2

Developer Firstbeat Technologies Ltd

It guides you towards suitable training duration, intensity and frequency.

Health & Diet Manager for Windows

Health & Diet Manager for Windows 3.2

Developer iambic, Inc.

Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone

Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone 3.0

Developer iambic, Inc.


Diet Chart for an Athlete

Diet Calc Free

Diet Calc Free 1.0

Developer s.r.l.

Calculate your Zone Diet menu in minutes with Diet Calc Free !!!

Office Athlete

Office Athlete 5.0

Developer Office Athlete LLC

It is an ergonomic software program that runs each time you start your computer.

Sideline XPS Athlete

Sideline XPS Athlete 11.0

Developer Sideline Sports

The XPS clinet is fot athletes, health and fitness participants.


PSI-Chart 1.0

Developer Poly Software International, Inc.

PSI-Chart is an Active X chart component for creating chart applications.


GameDiary 2.1

Developer Avaplay Corporation

The GameDiary combines the best elements of an athlete's scrapbook, photo.

Logan Plus

Logan Plus 4.7

Developer Catapult Sports Pty Ltd

LoganPlus is perfect for research projects and in depth data analysis.



Developer SSJ Finance & Securities Pvt Ltd

SSJ DIET allows you to trade stocks using a powerful client.

Diet Management System

Diet Management System 1.0

Developer PaweĊ‚ Sikora

The program can help you learn the proper composition of your diet.


MxBody2 2.0

Developer MicheleVicario.Net

MxBody2 helps create food diary and sports activities.

Cat on a Diet

Cat on a Diet 1.0

Developer Nawia Games

Cat on a Diet is an arcade game where you need to solve interesting puzzles.

TMS VCL Chart for Delphi / C++ Builder

TMS VCL Chart for Delphi / C++ Builder 4.2